iTero 3D Scanning

In the past, orthodontists would use molds to create models of patients’ smiles and determine the course of action for treatment. However, these molds were quite messy and not always the most accurate impression. At Hodnett Orthodontics, we’ve replaced this outdated method with the iTero Scanner in order to ensure our patients have the most comfortable experience.

The iTero system uses a handheld wand and allows us to create a digital impression in minutes while avoiding any mess associated with creating traditional oral molds. This technique gives our team more accuracy and Dr. Hodnett can easily show you the areas needing adjustment. After discussing the areas where treatment will be focused, we can also use this impression to project your desired results and allow you to see the end goal of your smile.

Indirect Bonding

While we know how much our patients enjoy being at our office with our amazing team, we understand that schedules are busy and you’re eager to begin treatment! To keep the process of getting braces as seamless as possible, we have introduced the technique of indirect bonding. This process allows for quicker installation of brackets and ensures the most accurate placement. Using a scan of your smile, we create an exact model of your teeth that Dr. Hodnett uses to position each bracket precisely where it should go on each tooth. For the final step, we create a custom tray that allows us to transfer the brackets from the lab model to your teeth.

Once this custom tray is finished, we will have you back into the office to ensure the proper fit of the tray and attach your braces. While traditional bracket placement takes around 40-60 minutes, the process with indirect bonding only takes around 15-25 minutes! We’ll have you in and out smiling in no time.

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance is a functional appliance designed to aid in the correction of jaw growth discrepancies such as overbites and underdeveloped lower jaws. It also improves facial profiles by increasing lower jaw growth. This appliance is comprised of custom fabricated, surgical-grade stainless steel frameworks that are bonded to the first permanent molars on both the upper and lower corners of the mouth. The appliance stays there until the bite is corrected, which usually takes around 10-15 months. Fully contained within your mouth, it doesn’t show and works for you 24 hours a day.

Digital X-Rays

Our practice uses digital x-rays, which means it is basically like taking a photograph of the teeth and jaws. Our digital x-ray machine uses far less radiation than a traditional x-ray machine. We will routinely take digital x-rays over the course of your time in braces to ensure treatment is going well and allow our doctors to make diagnostic decisions. Every patient will receive additional records in the middle of treatment to allow our doctors to make any adjustments, if needed, to the treatment plans. He will discuss these records with the parents or patient.